I started my career in learning and development in call centre. I trained our new starters on the computer system and customer services, as well as upselling and customer complaints.

These days, I work in instructional design: analysing the business need, planning solutions, and delivering them. I ensure all solutions are underpinned by sound adult learning theory and design methodologies.

My ethos for instructional design is to always focus my proffered solutions on performance support and business alignment.

I like to ask - how can I help people do their job better?


What is Instructional Design?

The practice of developing and designing learning materials and experiences that will facilitate people to both acquire and enhance the needed knowledge and skills.

The goal of an instructional designer is to identify the knowledge and skills gaps, to define the general goal of instruction, and to design the learning materials using appropriate manner that provides the best products as video tutorials, toolkits, manuals, etc

Andra Arsene and Natalia Croitoru


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